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Enhance, Publish, and Sell Your Children’s Books on Digital Devices!


MeeGenius works with publishers to digitally enhance and sell their children’s books. Our proprietary development platform will quickly convert your books into beautiful, digitally enhanced experiences to sell to our large audience through our many channels.

Interactive and Digitally Enhanced

MeeGenius will enhance your books with audio playback featuring professional voice talent and synchronized word highlighting.

Get a Bigger Audience

Our app for iPad and iPhone has consistently been one of the top downloaded book apps since we launched. MeeGenius books are available on more devices than any other provider, including iPhone, iPad, Web, Android-based smartphones and tablets, Google Chrome Web Store, and Google TV. Installed by over 2 million mobile users and used in thousands of schools, you'll be able to use our position to your advantage to get your books in front of an eager, children's book-buying audience.

Easy to Monetize

As part of our platform, we’ll make it easy for readers to buy your books. For larger collections, you can even have your own “store within a store” with all of your books together.

Easy to Publish

MeeGenius simplifies and streamlines the process of making your children’s books digital. We can quickly and inexpensively turn your printed books into multimedia experiences. Or, if your titles are already in ePub3 format, we can convert your files with our proprietary production platform. All of our your content will be protected by our industry leading digital rights management (DRM) system.


Provide Meegenius with your illustrated children's books.


Meegenius will convert your books into a digital format.


Meegenius will sell your books in our "store-within-a-store" via our many different channels.


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