Only Original Works Accepted for Submission

  • MeeGenius only accepts original manuscripts that have not been previously published or otherwise publicly or commercially made available.
  • Author will be held responsible and liable if manuscript is found to infringe or violate someone else’s rights.
  • Please ensure that manuscripts are complete and suitable for publication, fact-checked, with no third party materials used.

Grant of “Book Rights” and "Other Rights"

  • Our Publishing Agreement require authors to grant MeeGenius exclusive, worldwide, perpetual "Book Rights." These include the right to publish the manuscript as an eBook, audio book, and other digital formats, as well as in print publication form.
  • MeeGenius' Book Rights cover all languages, media, devices, and formats (including not just the MeeGenius publishing platform and apps, but also all other types of eBook formats and platforms), and the right to display, broadcast, sell, and distribute through any type of digital and online channels, devices, etc.
  • MeeGenius' rights also include the right to create sequels, series, and other derivative works based on your manuscript, as well as the story lines, characters, etc.
  • “Other Rights” (i.e., non-eBook rights, such as theatrical, merchandising, etc.) can be exploited by either MeeGenius or author non-exclusively.


  • For Book Rights, MeeGenius pays 20% of “Net Receipts” (i.e., revenues received minus third party platform fees, discounts, chargebacks, returns, credits and sales, etc. taxes).
  • For Other Rights disposed or exploited by either author or MeeGenius, the parties share total gross proceeds, 85% to author/illustrator and 15% to MeeGenius.
  • Payments are made quarterly once royalties exceed $50. Amounts less than $50 are carried forward until an annual reconciliation occurs.

Term; Termination

  • Book Rights are granted in perpetuity and will terminate and revert only if MeeGenius fails to pay royalties or goes out of business or if the manuscript is no longer published and available for purchase for 6-months consecutively, subject to the right to cure non-payment or resume publication.

This summary is for informational purposes only.
It does not substitute or replace the Publishing Agreement.
Please read the Publishing Agreement carefully.