MeeGenius is searching for the next great author! We encourage all aspiring authors to submit, whether you're a published writer or just trying it out for the first time! We are looking for books about animals, sports, and any stories with an engaging voice, so be creative and explore where your characters can go!

Grand Prize

Publishing Contract

The grand prize winner's book will be professionally edited, beautifully illustrated, enhanced with MeeGenius features, and then published to all of our digital platforms.

$1,500 Cash Prize

The grand prizewinner will receive a $1,500 cash prize and a royalty share for his/her book.



Entries Submitted

Submissions close July 13


Manuscript Review

Manuscripts will be reviewed by the MeeGenius in-house editorial staff and a panel of bestselling MeeGenius authors


Finalists Announced

Up to 10 finalists announced at the end of July


Winners Announced


Author Guidelines

Entry Requirements

  • For picture books, the entire manuscript for your story should be submitted.
  • For chapter book, early readers, or short stories, the submission must include one chapter of the book as well as a detailed outline of the entire story. Full manuscripts are also accepted if already written.

Formatting for Picture Books

  • Make sure to Download the Example Manuscript, which demonstrates the proper formatting for your entry. Entries that do not follow this formatting may be disqualified.
  • Triple-space between pages, and label the page number in the manuscript (please see the example manuscript).
  • No text formatting, all of the type should be the same size and style.
This example manuscript will show you how to properly format your entry.

Formatting for Chapter Books, Early Readers, and Short Stories

  • Each page should be roughly 250-350 words per page.
  • Double-space between pages, and label the page number in the manuscript.
  • Clearly label the chapters in a table of contents and within the book itself.
  • Do not double or triple space between your sentences.
  • No text formatting, all of the type should be the same size and style. Bold and italic are acceptable.


  • Please do not submit any illustrations with your manuscript.


  • Picture book stories should be between 15 and 40 pages in length and under 500 words total.
  • Chapter book and short stories should be up to 80 pages in length in their entirety (this does not need to correlate with the number of pages in Microsoft Word).


  • MeeGenius' audience for the author challenge is children up to the age of 12. Picture books should be targeted to young children up to age 8 and chapter books should be targeted to children between the ages of 7 and 12.
  • MeeGenius will not accept any entries with language or themes that are inappropriate for children.
  • Any content that resembles or directly plagiarizes another published work will not be considered.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter a book that has been previously published?

Only original works are accepted for submission. Books that have been previously published (including self-publishing) or made otherwise publicly available are not accepted.

What happens if your book is selected?

If your title is selected to be published, MeeGenius will contact you via email or phone. You will be required to confirm your eligibility for the challenge and acceptance of the standard MeeGenius Publishing Agreement. Prior to publication, MeeGenius will provide professional illustrations and narration.

Can you submit to other publishers during the challenge?

Your manuscript cannot be submitted to any other publishing houses or challenges during the review period. Once your rights are reverted back to you then you have full rights to submit your manuscript with other publishers.

What happens to rights after the challenge if my submission is not published?

If your title has not been chosen as a winner or selected to be published by MeeGenius, your rights will be reverted back to you.

What rights am I granting to MeeGenius if my book gets published?

What are the royalty payments for books that get published?

Author Message Board

This is a community-led discussion, for submission help please contact challenge@meegenius.com